Kendall Geldard

Te Tonic Gin



Impress your guests and family with a classic gin or vodka and tonic: The quickest and easiest way to enjoy botanicals wherever you go is to make the classic Gin & Tonic with plenty of aromas and flavor of spices. Make the perfect cocktail with different blend of botanical herbs and spices , packed in a special pyramid shaped gin infusion tea bags.

  • Origin: Barcelona, Spain
  • 100% All natural organic blends
  • 6 Flavors of Botanicals, herbs, flowers, and spices in pyramid shaded silk pouches to impregnate each Gin & Tonic for the perfect blend.
  • RED - Passion
  • ROSE - Jasmine
  • YELLOW - Citrus
  • ORANGE - Energy
  • GREEN - Fresh
  • WHITE - Essential
  • Recommended use: Alcoholic mixed drinks and teas
  • Recipes included
  • Sizes 6, 24, 72 infusion tea bags